Strumming it out on weekends - first album due to be released in March 2012


Acoustic blues duo Runway 27, Left from Vienna, Austria, on their third concert circuit through Germany and Austria sporting their first album 'Weekend Warriors'

Following 22 performances in 2011 in Germany and Austria, acoustic duo Runway 27, Left's first album 'Weekend Warriors' is set to be released. Says Runway 27, Left's Erich 'White Feather' Brandl, 'Actually, it's all in the lyrics of our new album's title track. When you're the new kid on the block on the blues scene, you're essentially strumming it out on weekends.' The harbinger of their upcoming first album, radio-only release 'Flawed & Flattened', has already gathered radio airplay in the UK, the USA, Spain, The Netherlands and Austria. 

March 2012 will see the album 'Weekend Warriors' available at live performances and on download platforms. The release party will take place at long-time supporter venue 'Strasshofer Kellertheater', a unique venue a few miles east of Austria's capital of Vienna well-known for superb live performances of music and high-quality stand-up comedy. The road further takes the blues duo to Bierkanzlei, Vienna's intimate focus for both audience and musicians run by 'beer chancellor' Manfred.

However, Runway 27, Left's German friends won't be left in the cold with their 2012 performances in Hamburg, Lüdenscheid, Bonn and Landshut. The duo's album trail comes to full swing having them strum it out in Austria again, calling on Vienna at CWMC Texas Stampede and Wiener Neustadt at Hexenbräu. 

Runway 27, Left is a blues project having former Trans Am/Sun Luca/Run Riot bass player Erich 'White Feather' Brandl and My Other Brother lead vocalist Anthony 'Tone' Kammerhofer team up.

The musicians (Erich Brandl - guitars, bass, banjo, backing vocals and Anthony Kammerhofer - lead vocals, rhythm guitars) try to reconnect with the roots of pop and rock music, calling their style 'In-Blues Entertainment'. 

To get your copy of their new album and to learn where Runway 27, Left will strum it out on weekends in 2012, see below schedule: 

9    Mar 2012     Strasshofer Kellertheater - Strasshof, Austria

15  Mar 2012     Bierkanzlei - Vienna, Austria

7    Jun 2012      Mobile Blues Club - Hamburg, Germany

8    Jun 2012      Panoptikum - Lüdenscheid, Germany

15  Jun 2012      Billard Café - Maria Enzersdorf, Austria

4    Okt 2012      Hexenbräu – Wiener Neustadt, Austria

13  Okt 2012     Cafe meLounge - Frohnleiten, Austria

26  Oct 2012      Mausefalle - Bonn, Germany

27  Oct 2012      Green Island - Bad Nauheim, Germany

28  Oct 2012      Jimmy's Cafe - Landshut-Altdorf, Germany

15  Nov 2012      Die Wilderin - Innsbruck, Austria

16  Nov 2012      Unterhaus - Passau, Germany

29  Mar 2013     Ristorante FiDeLe - Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany

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