Acoustic Autumn Leaves

Acoustic blues duo Runway 27, Left from Vienna, Austria, heading out on their second concert circuit through Germany and Austria for 2011 to paint the leaves of autumn blue

Firmly steeped in performing their acoustic music live throughout the year, the autumn season is no exception to this. Whereas autumn leaves come in an array of colours, Runway 27, Left are bound and determined to let them shine in the colour of the blues. The harbinger of their upcoming first album, radio-only release 'Flawed & Flattened', has already gathered radio airplay in the UK, the USA, Spain and Austria.

As can be seen from video footage on their website, their innate strength is in touching the hearts of the their audience. Says Austrian journalist Tina Graf of BVZ, 'When playing the first Organic Blues Rustic Evening in Austria's Unterloisdorf, they really got the vibe going with the crowd and made them dance!'

Runway 27, Left is a blues project having former Trans Am/Sun Luca/Run Riot bass player Erich 'White Feather' Brandl and My Other Brother lead vocalist Anthony 'Tone' Kammerhofer team up.
The musicians (Erich Brandl - guitars, bass, banjo, backing vocals and Anthony Kammerhofer - lead vocals, rhythm guitars) try to reconnect with the roots of pop and rock music, calling their style 'In-Blues Entertainment'.

See below schedule for where Runway 27, Left will paint the autumn leaves blue:

13 Oct 2011 Spice - Vienna, Austria
22 Oct 2011 Strasshofer Kellertheater - Strasshof, Austria
23 Oct 2011 Schlosskeller Ligist - Ligist, Austria
4 Nov 2011 Irish Castle Pub - Nuremberg, Germany
5 Nov 2011 Tonelli's - Leipzig, Germany
12 Nov 2011 Café Zum Leopoldi - Vienna, Austria
9 Dec 2011 Heureka - Vienna, Austria
10 Dec 2011 Gasthaus Steiner - Schwechat, Austria
18 Jan 2012 Cenario - Vienna, Austria
15 Mar 2012 Bierkanzlei - Vienna, Austria
8 Jun 2012 Panoptikum - Lüdenscheid, Germany

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