Runway 27, Left's songs 'Flight By Night' and 'Hide And Seek' playing on Mojo Blues 94.1 FM, Radio 2, Skopje, North Macedonia ” - Vasja Ivanovski

Mojo Blues 94.1 FM, Radio 2, Skopje, North Macedonia

Runway 27, Left's music on Salva Martinez's 'Crossroads Blues Radio' show on (Spain) on 6 October 2023 at 10.30pm CET” - Salva Martinez - Barcelona/Spain

The music on the album 'Runway 27, Left & Friends' sports a certain minimalism. Erich 'Weissfeder' Brandl and Anthony 'Tone' Kammerhofer call their style 'In-Blues Entertainment' and, thus, are strongly reminiscent of British singer-songwriter Billy Bragg, who also went from rock and pop back to the roots of blues. However, the Austrian duo uncovers even more approaches, like country, rock n' roll and bluegrass. The album starts with 'L.O.V.E.' with, like with all songs, the duo's guitar work taking center stage. The two musicians understand each other without words even in silence and fuse to form an integral group. Supported by guest musicians contributing bass lines and percussion, the musical landscape is being expanded, like in the case of 'Flight By Night', 'Tipper Sticker' and 'Derrick '59'. The song 'I Wül Ham' is a little pub story where the pub owner calls the police. The instrumental 'Cantiga', accompanied by a Bouzouki, opens up a new musical chapter. Runway 27, Left are not about putting on a huge show, they are committed to melody, emotional intermediates and distinctions. This is not about who does something, but how it is done. Without ruffle, up-close-and-personal and always a truly serious affair.” - Jörg Palitzsch

bluesnews 115, Oktober-Dezember 2023, Rezensionen, Seite 78 Altena/Deutschland

The acoustic blues duo of Viennese musicians Erich Brandl and Anthony Kammerhofer receives amicable help on further guitars/bass and percussion. This is how their music immediately gains more depth and distinction. It's still all about original songs, home-made in the best of senses and reduced to the essentials.” - Achim Hennes

Folker, 20. Jahrgang, Heft 144, 3.23, September 2023, Bad Honnef/Germany

Austria's slightly awkwardly named Runway 27, Left are a country blues duo augmented on the Runway 27, Left & Friends release with drums and bass. The songs were recorded in a slightly deconstructed manner, with acoustic guitar pucking front and centre, and chilled country-rock-style vocals.” - DH, DJ and PT

Rock 'n Reel, Volume 2, Issue 101, September/October 2023, Shorts, Cleator Moor/England

A whole hour of featuring songs from our album on Chris Discrider's 'High Noon Saloon' show on Radio Orange 94.0 FM based in Vienna, Austria (German-language programme) on 2 October 2023 on 12 hrs CET” - Chris Discrider

'High Noon Saloon' show on Radio Orange 94.0 FM based in Vienna, Austria

Runway 27, Left's Song 'Derrick '59' on Scott Wilkinson's 'The Blues Never Die' show on CHRW-FM 94.9 FM (Canada) on 20 September 2023” - Scott Wilkinson

'The Blues Never Die' show on CHRW-FM 94.9 FM (Canada)

Runway 27, Left's Song 'Hide And Seek' on Steve Stoddard's 'Somethin' Blue' show on KTUH Honolulu 90.1 FM (US) on 9pm CET on 7 September 2023” - Steve Stoddard

'Somethin' Blue' show on KTUH Honolulu 90.1 FM (US)

SOL.DE: Ottweiler buskers' festival to take place on Saturday - what to expect” - Maciej Spiczak

SOL.DE Editorial, Saarbrücken/Germany

Runway 27, Left's Song '10 For the Lesson And 10 For The Shine' on Ashwyn Smyth's 'Digital Blues Week commencing 20th August 2023' show Digital Blues (UK/France/New Zealand/USA) on 20 August 2023” - Ashwyn Smyth

Digital Blues