1. L.O.V.E.

From the recording Runway 27, Left And Friends

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Music & Lyrics by Erich Brandl & Anthony Kammerhofer

Performed by
Erich 'Weissfeder' Brandl - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Anthony 'Tone' Kammerhofer - Vocals, Guitars
Christian 'Crazy Chris' Csapo - Guitars/Bass
Wolfgang Kreditsch-Gokesch - Percussion


It’s the lie that keeps us breathing – call it L.O.V.E.
it’s like living in a haze – can’t get enough
want to put it in a freeze frame – gone too soon
and you’re back to just howling at the moon

It’s a never-ending story – call it L.O.V.E.
an illusion of a touch from high above
you’ve been sold the road to heaven in a wink
there are way more stumbling blocks than you would think