1. Hide And Seek

From the recording Runway 27, Left And Friends

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Music & Lyrics by Erich Brandl & Anthony Kammerhofer

Performed by
Erich 'Weissfeder' Brandl - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Anthony 'Tone' Kammerhofer - Vocals, Guitars
Wolfgang Kreditsch-Gokesch - Percussion


Are we taking it too far
remembering playground boulevard
when it was all about open skies
and sometimes we hit our knees
up in tears, we lost our keys
with the tough times in full disguise

We’ve come of age and the game’s still on
Hide and seek

Has it been a rocky ride
to overcome the great divide
that used to separate you and me
and all the pain that we went through
tedious talks of me and you
still the truth was so plain to see