From the recording Runway 27, Left And Friends

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Music & Lyrics by Erich Brandl & Anthony Kammerhofer

Performed by
Erich 'Weissfeder' Brandl - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Anthony 'Tone' Kammerhofer - Vocals, Guitars
Christian 'Crazy Chris' Csapo - Guitars/Bass
Wolfgang Kreditsch-Gokesch - Percussion


Staring at my own reflection
the mirror never lies
pain and pleasure clearly show
through my weary eyes
it’s been a bumpy ride so far
littered with deceit
when you wish upon a star
and suffer from defeat

not even critical
but it blows my mind
if I could only find
some kind of peace of mind
still it drives me insane

It’s like I’m feeling quite unstable
take a sip from the mug
I see it drop from the coffee table
it’s time to pull the plug
confusion got the best of me
can’t get the rationale
secluded and you disagree
a typical locale