1. Tipper Sticker

From the recording Runway 27, Left And Friends

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Music & Lyrics by Erich Brandl & Anthony Kammerhofer

Performed by
Erich 'Weissfeder' Brandl - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Anthony 'Tone' Kammerhofer - Vocals, Guitars
Richard 'Rich' Miller - Percussion


I can't deny
I would give everything to come out at the top
I can't disguise
I don't care about the ethics to be cream of the crop
an outright lie
as I’m not the swearing bully that I seem to pretend
sign of the times
tweak the message for the morons, make it heaven-sent

I'm craving for my tipper sticker
this is gonna' make me a star
the biz is just gettin' sicker
we've taken it way too far

pick crime and sleaze
and your ticket sales will go through the roof
more tabloids, please
to get famous you would even put up with a spoof
it makes you freeze
to watch how easy folks just buy into your tale
don’t feel at ease
‘cause the quicker you rise, the quicker you’ll fail